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TICKETINO in the Press

Discriminatory credit card fees for ticket purchasers

When ordering a ticket via the Internet, purchasers are often in a bind. While they are offered all kinds of payment options, unnecessary fees show up at the time of payment – and only because a credit card is used. Since the introduction of the “non-discriminatory clause” on 1 August, customers who pay with their card should no longer be required to pay a surcharge. Nevertheless, a great many ticket purchasers are still paying too much.

According to the Price Disclosure Ordinance, a provider must sell its merchandise for the price indicated. The same is true for ticketing – customers must be able to buy their tickets at the advertised price without having to pay inadmissible additional fees such as print@home or credit card surcharges.

At the same time – on 1 August – it was also decided that credit card companies may include the “non-discrimination clause” in their rules again. This means that paying with a credit card is not permitted to be more expensive than with other means of payment. So far, however, this does not appear to have had much effect.

TICKETINO is looking forward to this new regulation with anticipation. Since the company has relied on fair and transparent pricing from the very beginning, no changes at all need to be made to its pricing policy.

For Franz Wyss, CEO at TICKETINO, this regulation is a step in the right direction: “Hidden fees and surcharges have continuously hindered ticket purchasers from being able to transparently compare the fees incurred and caused them to be deceived when choosing the provider. At TICKETINO, all fees are and always have been included in the price. Discriminatory surcharges for credit card payers or other hidden fees are foreign concepts for us, since we stand for fair and transparent market practices. We hope that now our competitors will finally follow suit.”
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