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Since 2011, TICKETINO has been present as an exhibitor at SuisseEMEX and has been processing ticket sales and badging for the annual trade show every since.

Both exhibitor and professional in guest management

Thousands of visitors stream to the Zurich trade fair each year and want to experience the industry news and trends being offered by 360 exhibitors.

The TICKETINO booth was very well attended this year as well. The attractive booth with the prompt to take a picture drew in the public almost like magic.

Under the slogan “Treat yourself to something extra for your event”, trade show visitors learned that they can invest more money in the actual event thanks to the low fees with TICKETINO – rather than with an overpriced ticketing system.

In der Messe profitierten Gäste mit den print&home-Tickets von einer speditiven Einlasskontrolle, während jene ohne Tickets vor Ort an einem bedienten TICKETINO-Terminal die Gelegenheit hatten, sich anzumelden.

For the trade show, patrons benefited from rapid admission control thanks to print@home tickets, while those without tickets were able to register on location at a serviced TICKETINO terminal. Upshot: For us, the trade show each year is both a challenge and a presentation platform at the same time. The trade show provides our team with the possibility of discussing future opportunities with potentially interested parties directly on location and to demonstrate the system live through SuisseEMEX. Most importantly, however, is mastering the complexities of guest management, badging and ticketing to the satisfaction of the exhibitors and visitors.


Services Rendered

  • Individual registration forms
  • Badge printing on location
  • Sending invitations
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