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Becoming a Partner Now

Becoming a partner

Can you earn money with TICKETINO? Of course you can! Become a partner of TICKETINO and take part in our success.


Can you earn money with TICKETINO?

Are you keen on the event industry, have good rapport with event organisers and are looking for additional earnings? Become a TICKETINO agent, promote events at TICKETINO and earn 6-10% of the net income from the events!
Possible events: theatre, concerts, cultural events, sporting events, parties, trade shows, conventions, etc.


What is a TICKETINO agent?

A TICKETINO agent contacts potential event organisers independently, presents the TICKETINO services to them and concludes contracts on behalf of TICKETINO. The contractual relationship that ensues is between the event organiser and TICKETINO.


  • At least 3 events per year
  • in which the agent is not personally involved as the organiser or similar
  • and where the agent has no legal or business relationships with the events promoted


An agent receives 6-10% of the net margin for each order procured (TICKETINO advance booking fee of 3.9% to 7.9% minus any special customer rebate and transaction fees) as profit-sharing.

In addition, there are other earning opportunities with the direct support of the event organiser as well, including:

  • Hardware rental (via TICKETINO or provision of the agent’s own hardware)
  • Employment as reception staff



Can you earn money with TICKETINO?

Does your website teem with many potential ticket purchasers and you would like to offer an integrated event calendar? As an affiliate partner, you include the TICKETINO tool as an iFrame on your website and earn along with every ticket sold!

How does an affiliate partnership work?

Very simple: You include the iFrame that you receive from us on your website, and then the TICKETINO event calendar with all events will be visible on your website and kept up-to-date at all times.

Depending on how the iFrame is integrated, either the ticket purchaser will be forwarded to the TICKETINO website or the booking will be carried out completely within your website.


For each ticket sold via its platform, the affiliate partner will receive 3% of the net income (net income = TICKETINO advance booking fee of 3.9% to 7.9% minus 3% transaction and currency fees (from the ticket price)).


Become a ticket agency

Three reasons:

• You already sell tickets for a wide range of events and would like to round off your selection.
• You wish to have additional customers and want to increase customer expenditures in this way.
• You are the contact point for all regional events and sell tickets for all kinds of events.

TICKETINO is the first 100% self-service invitation and ticketing platform and sells tickets for a wide variety of cultural, theatre, sporting, comedy and musical events. Event organisers, ticket purchasers and points of sale use TICKETINO independently and benefit from the many advantages of the Internet-based platform.

Your benefits:

• Increase your contribution margin.
• Generate occasional customers.
• Enhance your significance in ticket sales.


We reward ticket sales with a 5% commission. You will regularly receive statements from us on the sales revenues attained, from which the 5% is deducted directly. You pay the invoices net within 10 days after receiving them. You can find the other terms on the current contractual documents.

Quick, easy and uncomplicated!

• You acquire your login (link below) and automatically receive the access data as a ticket agency.
• Then you download the contract (pdf) and send it back to us signed.
• After that, you can already start selling tickets for TICKETINO events!

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Set up your event on-line and start directly with advance booking. You will not incur any charges until you sell tickets.

Would you like to learn more about TICKETINO, or do you have any unanswered questions? We will be happy to provide you with personal consultation!

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