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TICKETINO in the Press

TICKETINO goes green!

In Brazil, firewood is traditionally used for firing ceramic furnaces – a process that leads to severe deforestation. In order to curb the advancing deforestation, TICKETINO has developed a new climate protection concept with ClimatePartner to stem the decline of forests in north-eastern Brazil, which mainly consist of mangroves.

One company that advocates for the forests of Brazil is the traditional company “Grupo Tavares” from north-eastern Brazil. For firing its ceramic furnaces, the company has switched to using renewable and sustainably managed biomass. Cashew and coconut shells along with wood waste from sustainable forestry are used instead of firewood. In addition, extensive measures for energy efficiency and process optimisation are also taken. Thanks to collaboration with TICKETINO, Grupo Tavares receives the necessary financial support to continue operating this way.  

Cooperation between TICKETINO and ClimatePartner
ClimatePartner works on customised climate protection solutions for more than 1,000 large and medium-sized companies around the world. Together with TICKETINO, the company has devised a specific solution enabling event participants to act in an environmentally conscious manner even when purchasing tickets. TICKETINO offers individual and transparent CO2 calculations so that the customer can provide any necessary compensation accordingly. This contribution towards the environment flows directly into the aforementioned – Gold Standard certified – climate protection project in Brazil.


TICKETINO Introduces an Integrated CO2 Calculation
Thanks to this new feature, it is now possible for ticket purchasers to calculate and compensate for their own CO2 emissions. To do this, the arrival and departure of the participant, participation at the event and any overnight stays are factored in. Thanks to seamless integration into the ticket shop, the ticket purchasers enjoy absolute freedom of choice and can select or deselect the compensation option. The contributions are used to offset emissions due to this project. For its part, TICKETINO guarantees complete and utter transparency and thus actively prevents any hidden costs from being incurred.

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