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100-year anniversary of the Dätwyler Group

The Dätwyler Group celebrated 100 years of success at the last weekend in June 2015. The company, which has more than 7,500 employees worldwide, celebrated its many years of existence with an exclusive gala dinner and a free fair for employees on the company premises in Altdorf. From amusement rides to sweets, from bull riding to fair games – for a whole day, the employees of the Dätwyler Group could let their inner child run wild and free.

Thorough Preparation for Success
Several of TICKETINO’s wide range of offers were used for the event at the same time. For example, an individual registration screen was specially created for the company so that the guests invited to the event could register. The drag-and-drop seating diagram tool made sure that the everything would proceed perfectly on location. This made it possible for the event organiser to place the guests at the desired tables without any difficulty – even right before the event.

With the TICKETINO Team on Location
In order to ensure that admission went smoothly for the more than 2,500 total guests, several TICKETINO employees went personally in order to give on-site support. Using the company’s own scanners, the tickets were checked and the visitors quickly admitted to the grounds without causing undue waiting times. The approx. 500 gala guests were handed out special tickets with up-to-date table numbers at the entrance so that they were able to go to their assigned table directly after refreshments.

A Completely and Utterly Successful Evening
The 100-year anniversary of the Dätwyler Group was a complete success. The employees and the event organisers were able to enjoy the wonderful food during the gala evening and the fair on the following day. Despite the many guests, the TICKETINO team did not come away from this event empty-handed and, after the initial stress, even had time to see the attractions on the company premises themselves.
Services Rendered
  • Individual registration screen
  • Drag & Drop tool
  • On-location badge printing
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