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Simon Enzler, Lapsus, Michael von der Heide, “Caveman”, “Erfolg als Chance”, Dodo Hug, Stiller Has and, not least, Duo Fischbach itself of course – countless show acts performed in one place: at the theatre Duo Fischbach in Küssnacht am Rigi, Schwyz, Switzerland.

The coveted tickets for the large number of acts are being sold via TICKETINO, the first 100% Internet-based self-service platform for advance booking, guest management and ticketing at the absolute lowest price.

Through an iFrame, the booking tool was integrated directly on the website of the theatre Duo Fischbach, thereby allowing ticket purchasers to acquire tickets quickly and easily. In addition, exact seat booking is essential for the theatre – with the TICKETINO system, seating diagrams can be copied and connected with the click of a mouse. New seating diagrams are registered free of charge through TICKETINO. It is easy for the theatre to block seats for subscriptions, VIPs or its own tickets and release them again if they are not needed.

Thanks to TICKETINO’s automated payment and collection system, the theatre Duo Fischbach only receives one single statement of account for each event – and TICKETINO takes care of the rest.


Interview with Jeanette Tanner, theatre Duo Fischbach management:

Ms Tanner, you use TICKETINO to organise the advance ticket booking for your countless events; how did you organise the advance ticket booking before?
In the beginning it was very old-fashioned: We pre-printed the tickets for each event and sold them either directly at the theatre or by mailing them along with an invoice directly to the patrons. Accordingly, the process was complicated and very tedious for us.

How much time do you invest in advance ticket booking now?
None at all now, actually – it runs all by itself!

What do you consider to be the advantages of the TICKETINO system?
It is low-cost, fair and quick. No matter whether by credit card, invoice or direct sales at the theatre, everything works smoothly and uniformly via one single platform. TICKETINO is simply and clearly arranged, and I’m glad that we were able to cut way back on our paperwork by using TICKETINO.

Can you recommend an automated advance booking system to other theatres and organisers of cultural events?
Definitely! The time saved is enormous compared to “manually operated” ticket sales – and a ticket sales system offers many added functions such as statistics and an automated collection system!

Thank you for the interview!

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