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9th Swissmem Industry Day and general assembly

How much Europe does Switzerland need? This topic attracted over 1,200 guests from politics, economics and science to the ninth Swissmem Industry Day on 25 June 2015. After the general assembly of the association in the morning, prominent speakers such as Swissmem President Hans Hess and Federal Council Didier Burkhalter discussed the importance of bilateral contracts for the machine, electrical and metal industry and for Switzerland as a whole.

Convincing with a Professional Registration Form
Specifically for Swissmem, TICKETINO prepared a customised registration form that was seamlessly integrated into the website. In this way, the guests were able to register for the event without leaving the website and afterwards received a confirmation email with the booked extras. Thanks to the customised process, the different groups of visitors each received a selection of programme points that was directly relevant for them. Since registrations were already able to be made months earlier, the guests were notified again later about the event in a reminder email.

Smooth Admission Control like at the Airport
A smooth admission process was successfully ensured for a total of 1,200 people with eight badging stations on location. After a brief introduction by TICKETINO employees, the system was independently operated by admission staff. Since all of the guests arrived at the same time, the admission was set up similar to check-in at an airport – the guests stood in a single line and were personally directed by Swissmem staff to the free check-in stations. In this way, the waiting times were shortened, and the otherwise oft tedious queuing process was lent a personal touch.

From Calm Queuing to Heated Discussions
After calm admission control, the Industry Day seamlessly went from the general assembly to the complicated topic of the bilateral contracts and the associated animated and informative discussions.
Services Rendered
  • Individual registration forms
  • Customised confirmation and reminder emails
  • Admission control with a total of 8 badging stations
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