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Trafo Business and Conference Centre

On 24 November 2014, the ceremonial opening of the new Trafo Business and Conference Centre in Baden took place. The illustrious guests were greeted by the Trafo crew in flight uniform with the words “Welcome to Trafo-Air flight 24 11 14 – destination: Trafo World”. Around 1,600 people checked in for the “maiden flight”. After the security check on entry, they walked down a red carpet into the new halls.

“This size of event location with this much room flexibility has been lacking in the greater Zurich area – and combined with the hotel, we have created something unique here” says Trafo director Roberto Scheuer. Accordingly, the reservation office of the Trafo crew receives queries and reservations for the new halls almost every day.

TICKETINO managed all reception and guest management activities during and after the event. After the provided guest list had been scanned in, a bar code was generated for each participant and later printed on the guest’s ticket. In line with the event theme, the tickets were designed to look like a boarding pass.

Six guest management stations were installed on location in order to ensure that guest reception flowed smoothly. After the tickets were scanned in, an individualised name badge was printed out for each visitor. Adjustments and new registrations were able to be processed directly at reception.

Thanks to the direct on-line comparison of all reception stations, it was possible at all times to review the data of the people who had already arrived. In this way, the event organiser constantly had an overview of the current visitor number and, if necessary, could check whether a certain person was already present. This also made a precise analysis of all participating guests possible after the event. Trafo-Air flight 24 11 14 was a great success – the destination of Trafo World was reached, and the guests were visibly touched. Along with the organisers, TICKETINO is happy to have contributed towards this success.
Services Rendered
  • Individual name badge for the customers
  • Complete control through live data
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