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Worldwebforum 2015 with Steve Wozniak

The 3rd worldwebforum in Zurich took place on 10 March 2015. Top speakers from the digital and Internet segment provided insights into current developments and trends in the areas of technology, digital transformation and their influence on companies. More than 500 high-ranking decision-makers for the Swiss economy attended the event from beecom at Komplex 457 in Zurich.

The morning proved to be especially refreshing, as Billie Whitehouse vividly presented her new lingerie for people in a long-distance relationship. The highlight in the afternoon was the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, who talked engagingly about his vast wealth of experience.

TICKETINO actively supported the event organiser before and during the event.
To begin with, the registration form was individually tailored for worldwebforum 2015. Participation in the “by invitation only” event was only possible through an invitation code that the customers received from the event organiser or were able to acquire for participation.

Personalised guest management was an important part of the event. For instance, TICKETINO was able to request the desired information about individual persons even with group tickets so that it was available for analysis and badging. In order to live up to the theme of the event, it was also possible to readily scan in the mobile tickets with the bar code scanner.

TICKETINO was available to worldwebforum on location for the entire process of guest management – from guest admission and personalised badge printing to the successful event itself!
Nicole Watanabe, project manager of ticketing at beecom, said the following about TICKETINO’s contribution:
“Thanks to TICKETINO, we were able to ensure our high standard and the quality of the event. Serving different visitor groups and the automated badging system of TICKETINO meant a noticeable reduction in organisational work for us.”
Services Rendered
  • Individual registration form with an invitation code
  • Personalised guest management
  • Analysis and statistics
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