Image Formats

This page gives you an overview of the different image formats in the TICKETINO Ticketshop and where they are published. Since the site is responsive, different formats are sometimes required because the website adapts to the end device.

Event banner image (Landscape)

The event banner image is displayed large in the background of your event details page. It is optimal to reflect the mood of your event. Do not use white background and text for the event banner image, because your event title will be displayed as white lettering on it. The image format is at least 1140x340px, but it can also be larger and cropped during upload.

Event flyer image (Portrait)

The event flyer image is displayed on the event details page on the right and partially overlaps the event banner. The event flyer image is extremely important for the presentation of your event, as it appears in the ticket shop at the event overview and should draw the attention of potential ticket buyers to your event. Therefore, your event should be recognizable as such on the event flyer image at first glance. It is best to use the logo of your event or label here. Format: 196x270px.

Event group image (Landscape)

If you create an event group, we recommend that you also place an image there as an eye-catcher. The format is identical to that of the event banner image: 1140x340px.

Organizer image (Landscape)

If you want to create a link with all your events, you can also insert a banner image for this purpose. You can do this in your profile in the cockpit under "Edit profile" - "Organizer" - "Banner Image". The format is again the same as for the event banner image: at least 1140x340px.

Organizer image (Square)

For the link with all your events you can optionally insert a "Logo Image" as on the event details page. The format must be at least 236x236px.

Ticket image (Square)

You can design the ticket image yourself at TICKETINO. You can upload a picture of your event, but you can also use it for other possibilities, such as a map, an overview of your upcoming events or use it as advertising space for your sponsors. If you don't upload anything, the standard image like on the example on the right will appear. The format must be at least 900x900px and maximum 2700x2700px.

It is possible for you as an event organizer to book placements on the homepage of the TICKETINO ticket shop. You can make a non-binding request for this at The following formats are required:

Highlight: 800x433px, 427x231px

Top Event: 266x145px, 134x134px

Banner: 768x384px, 270x359px, 720x90px

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