Events created with TICKETINO
Room for Illusions
WOW Museum
Spectacular Light Show in the Tamina Gorge
Light Ragaz
The biggest spirits and cocktail festival in Switzerland!
Circle of Spirits
The platform for campaigning, networking, inspiration and learning from each other in Switzerland!
Campaigning Summit
Hot rock music at the cool lake
Lake Brienz Rock Festival
1,200 distinguished guests from politics, business and science
Swissmem Industry Day and AGM
The Swiss Award for Excellence in Live Communication
Xaver. The Swiss Live Communication Award
The 100-year success story of the company
Dätwyler Group
The Swiss traditional circus
Circus Stey
Zurich wine exhibition on the wine ships
The Christmas Circus of Lights
The sign against racism
Theatre in the atmospheric courtyard of Hagenwil Castle
Hagenwil Castle Festival
The largest immersive museum in Switzerland
Immersive Wonderland

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