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The moment is finally here: the ticket pre-sale is coming to an end and your event is just around the corner. It is high time to organize the admission control and ticket sales on site.

Of course, we will not let you down even after the ticket sales have been completed. We will also support you on the day of your event.

Admission control

Excel list

With the help of a comprehensive Excel list, you can simply mark the ticket buyers on the list that have entered your event. This is the simplest option if there are not too many tickets, because there is no need to install a scanner. All you must do is download the ticket list from the TICKETINO-Cockpit and print it out.

The Excel list is your best solution for:

  • A back-up in case of a technical malfunction such as power failure
  • Events with few tickets
  • Event locations without electricity and internet connection
  • Staff with little technical know-how

You will find further information on how to use and download your Excel lists in your TICKETINO Cockpit under "Access control".

If you have any questions or are unsure about the Excel list, feel free to contact the TICKETINO support team.
CH: +41 43 500 40 80 / DE: +49 30 201 696 006


Another easy way to check the validity of your tickets is directly on your smartphone by using the free TICKETINO ScanApp.

This method is ideal for small and medium-sized events with a volume of up to 1,000 tickets sold. However, much larger events can also be handled with the intuitively operable app, as several devices can be used at the same time to check the tickets thanks to the password-free login.

In contrast to conventional barcode scanners, the use of the ScanApp offers many advantages. Since you can carry out the ticket control with your own devices, both the reservation and the expensive shipping of professional admission control devices are not necessary. Furthermore, there is no need to train your staff in the use of a smartphone or tablet, as the app is largely self-explanatory.

Here you can download the latest version of the TICKETINO ScanApp:

appstore-lrg.png de_badge_web_generic-blog.jpg

Here you can download our practical instructions:

Guidance ScanApp

If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact the TICKETINO support team.
CH: +41 43 500 40 80 / DE: +49 30 201 696 006


The TICKETINO Browser-Client is the convenient alternative to the PC-Client. There is no installation needed. Simply log in in the cockpit, select the event, and validate the tickets with or without a barcode scanner.

The Browser-Client is also available for MAC users. However, it is only suitable for event locations with a stable Internet connection.

Here you can download our practical instructions:

Guidance Browser Client

On request, we can provide you with a barcode scanner. Please contact the TICKETINO support team.
CH: +41 43 500 40 80 / DE: +49 30 201 696 006


The TICKETINO PC-Client is your best solution for:

  • Ticket control at the entrance
  • Ticket sales at the box office (incl. precise seating reservation)
  • Name badge printing on site

All you need is a PC or notebook with a Windows operating system.

Further information on the use and installation of the PC-Client can be found in our practical manual.

Guidance PC-Client

On request, we can provide you with a barcode scanner, ticket printer or badge printer. Please contact the TICKETINO support team.
CH: +41 43 500 40 80 / DE: +49 30 201 696 006

Hand-held scanner

At events with well over 1,000 tickets sold, the use of professional hand-held scanners may be appropriate. These devices are easy to operate for the entrance staff. Their functions are limited to simple entrance control.

Compared to smartphones, hand-held scanners are more user-friendly and have a longer battery life. However, the administrative effort for mobile hand-held scanners is higher compared to smartphones, as they must be reserved, sent and returned.

Hand-held scanners are ideally used online. If no mobile Internet (WIFI) is available on site, they can also be operated offline if necessary.

For the reservation of hand-held scanners or if you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact the TICKETINO support team.
CH: +41 43 500 40 80 / DE: +49 30 201 696 006

Event evaluation

After the event is before the event

The evaluation and analysis of your event is an important step in successful event management and should take place immediately afterwards. Through careful analysis you can obtain important information about your visitors and learn more about their purchasing behaviour.
TICKETINO provides you with participant data and lists in real-time. This allows you to start the analysis immediately after, before and during the event.
The following points, among others, are relevant for the evaluation:
Do the actual visitors correspond to the assumed target group? Or is it necessary to reconsider the focus of the marketing activities?
When were most tickets sold? Could targeted discount campaigns possibly promote ticket sales?
Which sales channel generated the most ticket sales, and should therefore be prioritized or promoted more intensively in the future?
Where do your visitors come from? Would a change of location for the next event possibly make sense?
You can find out more about event evaluation here.

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Ticket office

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Benefit from seat-precise booking and detailed event evaluation options right down to the last ticket sold!

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