Generate Event Links

Most ticket buyers obtain information on the organizer's website - i.e. on your website - before buying tickets. To make the most of this opportunity, ticket sales must be prominently visible and easy to use. We will show you here how you can easily integrate ticket sales into your website. For this purpose, we provide the tool "Generate Event Links" in the TICKETINO organizer cockpit.

Type of Link

Link to all events of logged-in organizer:

This will generate a link that shows all your active events. This is useful if you have several events that are active. You don't have to generate the link every time you add new events, because they will be added automatically.

Link to event calendar of logged-in organizer:

All your active events are displayed here in a clearly structured calendar view. All events that take place on the selected day are listed below. Just like the first option, newly created events will be added automatically.

Link to events of an event group:

If you have already compiled your events into an event group under "Event Groups", this link makes sense. This way you generate a link that only displays the events of the selected event group.

Link to event calendar of an event group:

Here you create a calendar view in which only events of the selected event group appear.

Event Link to a single event:

If you want to generate a ticket booking link for a single event, select this option.

Once you have chosen the type of link, you can select how you want your link to look or how you want to include it on the web page.


Choose a button style from six predefined buttons here. After that, the system will show you the final HTML code, which you can simply copy and paste into your website.

Event Link:

This text link can also be copied out as a final HTML code and pasted into your web page. A text link is usually more discreet than a button.


If you choose this option, you can seamlessly integrate ticket sales into your website. The ticket booking for the buyer then takes place within your website. The TICKETINO iframe is responsive, which means that it adapts to your website and also to the individual screen size. Please note that the web browser Safari blocks the display of iframes. Instead, a link to the TICKETINO Shop will appear in this case.

Organizer ticketshop:

With this link, you get a complete organizer ticket store, i.e. a store that contains only your events. In contrast to the iframe, which is more static, in the organizer ticket store, for example, other of your events can also be called up in the search function. If you work with us on a regular basis, there is also the option of visually adapting the store to your design. For this purpose, please arrange a callback appointment.

Booking module:

This option is only available for linking single events. It allows you to easily offer the ticket categories of an event for purchase directly on your website.

Custom Event Calendar / Slot Booking Module:

Another way to integrate your events for ticket booking and to display them in a clearly structured way is the TICKETINO slot booking module. It is a proven tool that has been used for years, for example for event series. The presentation consists of a clearly structured calendar view, which can be individually customized on request. Contact us for more information at

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