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TICKETINO celebrates its 10th anniversary

In its 11th financial year, TICKETINO increased sales by 12% and EBITA by 26%, continuing the success story of previous years. Even more customers with higher ticket volumes have opted for the low-cost, self-service ticketing provider and are benefiting from the simple, transparent and powerful ticket sales solution.

TICKETINO further improves service quality at the usual low prices

The innovative web company TICKETINO was founded in 2008 and quickly became a game changer in the ticketing business. In contrast to conventional providers, events could be listed on the new platform within minutes and advance sales activated at the click of a mouse. Thanks to the transparent all-inclusive ticketing fee, time-consuming contracts and intensive clarification of the costs involved were a thing of the past.

Looking back on a 10-year success story

When the company was founded, the vision was to offer event organisers the most cost-effective and simple ticket sales platform imaginable. Accordingly, the range of services was initially limited to the core service of ticket sales - at the lowest possible price. However, continuously increasing efficiency and progressive innovations enabled the service level to be continuously expanded while maintaining the same fee structures. In 2017, price reductions were even realised in certain ticket categories.

10 years after it was founded, TICKETINO has long since grown to become the third-largest ticket marketing company in Switzerland and offers a service package for events of all sizes that is unrivalled by its competitors. This fact has not gone unnoticed in the event business, which is why an increasing number of organisers with higher ticket volumes switched to TICKETINO last year.

Franz G. Wyss, CEO and co-founder of TICKETINO: "Our disruptive business model is proving its worth! The TICKETINO solution has been optimised in recent years so that event organisers from the high-end market have also acquired a taste for it and want to benefit from much more favourable conditions."

The year 2018 - focus on technical innovations

As in previous years, the 11th financial year was characterised by innovations. The completion of the Scan App 2.0, which event organisers can install easily and free of charge on their smartphone or tablet, has made admission control even easier and more user-friendly for event organisers. An unlimited number of devices can now be added to scan tickets using a QR code and, thanks to the mobile network, scans are synchronised with the TICKETINO system in real time. Organisers therefore always have control over their current visitor numbers.

All ticket sales were also migrated to the brand new TICKETINO Shop 3.0. The self-developed sales platform was migrated to a cloud solution from Cyberlink in the middle of the year. The data on the scalable cloud remains in Switzerland. Organisers benefit from increased stability and security. For events with a high transaction volume, additional processors can now be added, which has a positive impact on performance and makes the sales system fit for large events. Ticket buyers will enjoy an even smoother ordering process as a result of the changeover and benefit from further improved user guidance.

Service level is being continuously expanded

TICKETINO has also invested heavily in event marketing; the marketing department has opened up new channels and developed marketing formats that are made available to customers at unbeatable conditions. Compared to conventional advertising, organisers can reach their ticket buyers with minimal wastage and achieve maximum sales success per franc invested in advertising.

All the innovations and growth also had an impact on the company's organisational structure. The team has been expanded with specialists from the event and ticketing market who are familiar with the needs of the event industry and can meet the high demands of customers.

Growth rates in the double-digit percentage range are also planned for the coming year. Export business in particular is to be significantly expanded and sales in Germany are to be multiplied through a network of partners.

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