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Ticketing and guest management at a rock-bottom price

Set up your event yourself and start directly with advance booking.

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Fair, all-inclusive ticketing fees and

ticketing free of charge for free events

No surprises for you and your customers

We offer the very lowest prices. You decide who pays the all-inclusive fee. In this way, you even have the option of processing the advance booking free of charge.

There are no fees for free events, provided:

- No transactions onsite
- No setup of fee-based parallel events
- Autonomously setup on the standard system

For all other events the usual lowest prices apply::

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Who pays the fee?
Event organisers Ticket purchaser

The ticket purchaser pays CHF 0.00, you are paid CHF 0.00 (less VAT on the ticketing fee).
The fee is CHF 0.00 (including credit card and transaction fees).

Guaranteed lowest prices

We guarantee you the very lowest prices.The prices of our competitors are two and three times as much. In addition, there are also set up fees of up to CHF 300.00, depending on the provider.

All-inclusive advance booking fee

up to 30.-
up to 60.-
up to 120.-
up to 500.-
from 500.-
(VAT not included)

Tickets free of charge

If tickets are obtained directly from the event organiser or if tickets are generated free of charge, then a fee of CHF 1.00 will be charged per ticket.

Additional fees for the ticket purchaser

Print@home orders with electronic payment are free of charge for the ticket purchaser. When purchasing against an invoice and/or with delivery by post, additional costs of CHF 5.00 per order are incurred.
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No connection fees

No financial risk for the event organiser: Setting up the event is completely free of charge. Fees are not incurred until the tickets are sold.
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No transaction costs

Our fee already includes all credit card fees, which is why they are not additionally charged to either you or the ticket purchasers.
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Additional services included

We do not charge any additional costs for seating diagrams, picture uploads or support. Even admission control at the event can be used free of charge.
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Create your event today

Set up your event on-line and start directly with advance booking. You will not incur any charges until you sell tickets.

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