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Further steps to successful ticket sales

TICKETINO is not only your reliable partner for ticketing, but also your partner for efficient, cost-effective, and targeted promotion of your event. With TICKETINO, even small and medium-sized events do not have to do without professional marketing!

Through our own channels, our network of ticket offices and through our carefully selected partners, you can reach an unprecedented number of potential ticket buyers on a minimal budget.

Benefit from our network and promote your event additionally through the channels of guidle and American Express, and through the intranet of Credit Suisse, UBS, Swiss Post and Zürcher Kantonalbank.

Best of all: at TICKETINO we promote your event completely digitally. In other words, with a minimum use of resources and without any unnecessary use of paper or other negative effects on the environment!


SEO tips for organizers

The goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in ticketing is to achieve the best possible ranking for your event in search engines such as Google. The better your event is found by search engines, the easier it is to promote your event and sell your tickets.

SEO for your next event

Concise event titles and descriptions

For a successful ticket sale, it is essential that your event title as well as the event description are as concise as possible and contain all important information and keywords with which potential buyers will probably search for your event. For this purpose, the event title or description should contain at least the following information: Name of the event, artist, and location.

Bad example: Concert, various artists, Zurich

Good example: Rock Night 2017, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles and Nirvana, 25.03.2017, Main Station Hall, Zurich.

Illustrate event in TICKETINO Ticketshop with pictures

In addition to the event title and description, the visual presentation of your event is also very important. An appealing event banner or event flyer image increases the attention to your event and should definitely be included in the event creation in the cockpit. Here it is important to consider the different required image formats:

Event banner image (landscape format): 1140x340px
Event flyer image (portrait format): 196x270px
Event group image (landscape format): 1140x340px
Organizer image (landscape): 1140x340px
Organizer image (square): 236x236px
Ticket image (square): min. 900x900px / max. 2700x2700px

A detailed overview and explanations of all image formats can be found here!

Link event

Common search engines usually give pages a higher placement the better they are linked. Therefore, whenever possible, link your event to your homepage, to the page of the performing artists, and above all to their social media channels. It is also possible to use the channels of your ticketing provider to promote your event.

Use social media channels

Social media channels, such as Facebook, are a good opportunity to promote your event. Best is to create an event directly on your Facebook page (business account) or via your personal account and use your existing network for distribution.

Depending on the type of your event, other social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn can also be a worthwhile option.

Event Platforms

Event platforms such as Songkick, Evensi and Eventful are another way to increase the number of links to your event. This relatively simple and free of charge measure, in connection with your social media channels, can have a considerable positive effect on your ticket sales.

Do you need help with search engine optimization for your event? Or do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact the TICKETINO support team: +41 (0)43 500 40 80, info@ticketino.com


Marketing opportunities with TICKETINO

TICKETINO offers an extensive variety of promotional opportunities for your event!

Ticket raffles

Via Facebook: Free of charge
Via TICKETINO newsletter: CHF 100.-

Placement on the TICKETINO-homepage

Top event (266x145 / 134x134 pixels): CHF 350.- for two weeks, each additional week CHF 100.-
Highlight (427x231 / 800x433 pixels): CHF 680.- per week
Banner (270x359 / 720x90 / 768x384 pixels): CHF 550.- per week

Entry in our TICKETINO newsletter

TICKETINO newsletter (600x300 pixels): CHF 280.-

Advertising via TICKETINO social media channels

Facebook cover picture on the TICKETINO fan page (851x315 pixels): CHF 300.- for one week
Facebook standard post: CHF 50.-
Facebook campaign: CHF 100.- (post and campaign creation) plus freely selectable promotion amount (from CHF 50.-)
Instagram post: CHF 50.-
Social media package (Post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter): CHF 80.-

Promotion for your next event

Are you interested in our premium promotional opportunities? Do you want to promote your event through various channels? Have us create an individual marketing package tailored to your event and benefit from attractive discounts!

Would you like to bring your event independently and without any financial effort to the top of search engine rankings? Take a look at our SEO tips for organizers!

Do you have any questions? Please contact the TICKETINO support team.
+41 (0)43 500 40 80

Your own ticket office

Get your own ticket office free of charge!

A computer with Internet access and a standard printer is all you need to open a TICKETINO ticket office.

By selling in local shops you can target regional audiences. In addition, local ticket offices also offer the opportunity for offline purchases, especially for ticket buyers who are not experienced with computers.

Would you like to open your own box office to promote your event or simply earn money by selling tickets? Then contact the TICKETINO support team.

+41 (0)43 500 40 80

Integration possibilities

Make use of links and integrations and profit from a variety of free marketing opportunities. represent a large free marketing potential. You should consider three integration possibilities for your event so that tickets can be bought quickly and easily.

Integration on your own website

Do you have your own website? If so, then you should link directly to the ticket sale, to facilitate your visitor’s purchase decision.

In addition to a direct link to the event or event group, the ticket shop can also be integrated directly as an iframe.

Click here for a step-by-step instruction.

Integration on websites of partners

In order to maximize the distribution of available tickets, integrate your events, if possible, also on websites of your friends, partners, customers, suppliers, etc. Again, this can be done via a direct link or as an iframe.

Integration on event platforms and third-party websites

Many public websites offer you the opportunity to publish your event free of charge. TICKETINO will be happy to assist you with the integration on Facebook, guidle, or Songkick.

The more often and the broader your events and related topics are spread, the more relevance and weight they gain for search engines.

You can find more on SEO tips for organizers!

Integration of the ticket shop directly on your Facebook fan page

Turn your Facebook page into a ticket shop with the free Facebook ticket shop from TICKETINO. Turn your Facebook page into an additional marketing opportunity in just a few steps!

Please note the following: Facebook has recently requested a minimum of 2'000 likes to integrate the ticket shop. If your page has fewer fans, Facebook will block the integration!

Click here for step-by-step instructions.



Marketing opportunities with guidle

Thanks to our partnership, all events registered at TICKETINO will be automatically transmitted to guidle and assigned to the respective account.

For each account, 5 events per year will be distributed to a large number of local, regional and national media (Media Service small). For you, as a TICKETINO customer, this is completely free of charge and without additional effort!

Reaching local buyers has never been so easy!

Would you like to see on which media you are present thanks to the cooperation with guidle? Then send us an e-mail at marketing@ticketino.com to get the login data for your guidle account!

Would you like to achieve an even broader media presence? Or you would like to market to more than five events locally?

guidle makes this possible, even for organizers with a small marketing budget. In addition, there are interesting discounts when booking several ads.


Find further information in the guidle brochure "Media presence of your event".

Would you like to move your event to the top of search engine rankings on your own and without financial expense?

Take a look at our SEO tips for organizers!

Do you have any questions? Please contact the TICKETINO support team.
+41 (0)43 500 40 80

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Important: For legal reasons the call center number may only be

(with price quotation and the addition "fixed network tariff" or "mobile phone prices"):

0900 441 441 (CHF 1.-/min., fixed network tariff) for Switzerland

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